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About GeMick

gemick (Generation Mick)

jeh - mik

by Andrew Carle

The Journey

GMR Freights (GMR) has had the great fortune of walking the path with Customs development.
GMR stands the test of time. The journey began in 1976 placing GMR as a pioneer in the cross-border consolidated road freight Industry where systems and processes were a manually driven state.

In 1986, GMR contracted Computers 10 to install and modify an accounting package that had been developed for cross border transporters. The onboarding of this new system was Innovative at the time as it was able to process all standard accounting functions, produce and print  linehaul manifests, customs clearing documents (then CCA1 and CCA2 – now the SAD500 document) and all corresponding over border document requirements.

When the South African Revenue Services (SARS) started engaging with cross border stake-holders to develop a system whereby agents could interact with SARS for clearing and processing of documents, GMR swiftly developed their then in-house software to interact with SARS on an automated basis.This became what we know today as the SARS Electronic Data Interchange for Customs (EDI)

When Botswana & Swaziland adopted the ASYCUDA clearing systems, GMR was again active in providing support to the Customs Stakeholders and in turn, redeveloped their software to interact with ASYCUDA. And then years later, when Botswana again changed the way declarations were processed into their country (ASYCUDA to the Central Management System (CMS)), GMR Freights was again invited to be involved with the development, connectivity and enhancement to the Customs software that aided in-house systems advancement too.

The fortune of being in a position to tailor programs whilst supporting industry and parastatal development for thirty years was made possible via a bespoke backend processing system. Daily interrogation and development of this system allowed GMR to operate effectively and efficiently in its specialised cross-border segment of the greater transport and freighting industry.

Walls came tumbling down when a level of redundancy in the original proprietary version of the main backend system occurred as a result from the breakdown in international support and external development. This ultimately resulted in uncorrectable corruption within the framework that would have caused a significant retardation to the day to day operation had gemick not been in the throws of incorporation into the group.

By continuously improving service in all areas, GMR will continue to justify their clients’ trust in them and thereby remain the benchmark Company in its specialised field.

The bold move to deep-end GMR’s thinking and to seek out well-fitting methods of integrating systems and development into mainstream day-to-day, benchmarked the mind-set and set the stage for continuous adhoc and in-house development and growth in systems and Information Technology infrastructure that has ultimately built GeMick… none of which would have been possible without the progressive thinking and industry specific development in systems by its founding member Mickey Carle. A generation of like-minded role players that paved the way in development and strategy that allowed 21st century thinking to take shape and grow from roots embedded in hard work and unified vision. 

The years filled with sweat and tears backed by GMR’s motivated and committed development team, headed by Rob Watt in South Africa and John Zabula in Botswana, allows GEMICK to give staff and customers an interactive experience, using the latest technology through a single platform interface.

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